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LLN Entry Test

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Why do I have to do an LLN test?

We use the LLN Test in the following circumstances:

You are applying to join the course and your schooling was undertaken outside Australia, OR

You are applying for a VET Student Loan and you are not able to present your Senior High School Certificate and Academic Results, OR

You are unable to provide suitable academic results regardless of whether or not you are planning to apply for a VET Student Loan.

How is it administered?

If you are required to take the LLN test, you can click the button below.

You take the test in your own time. It takes an average of 40 minutes -1.5 hour to complete. It must be done in a single sitting so make sure you have allocated at least an hour and a half without disturbances or phone calls / messages.

Can I get assistance?

You are strictly not permitted to ask anyone to help you with the test. But you are permitted to use the internet as a resource. Take your time on every question, do not guess and always check your answers. You may find some questions challenging, especially if you have been out of school for a long period of time. For example, you may not remember certain numeracy skills, adverbs or grammar. It is essential that you don’t ask someone to assist you with these questions, or to check your answers. The answer for every question must reflect your individual ability to ensure that you don’t enrol in a course that may be academically overly demanding as this could potentially lead to an unsatisfactory or stressful training experience.

What assistance can I request?

You are permitted to use the internet as a resource to research the skills and formulae you might need during the quiz. You can also request support from us if you need help logging in and using the LLN test platform.

What resources will I need?

Computer or tablet, speakers, internet, access to your emails, pen, paper to us the link we send you, calculator, paper and pen.

What score do I need to pass?

Usually, you must get at least 13/15 to be considered at exit level 3 for both the Numeracy and reading sections. If the test is being used for English language level checking only, the score may vary.

What if I fail?

To ensure fairness and equity, we permit applicants a maximum of 3 attempts to pass the LLN test.

Fail 1st attempt: You can request a 2nd attempt and complete it in your own time. We will resend you a new LLN Test Invitation.

Fail 2nd attempt: We require you at this point to undertake external year 12 equivalent academic remedial training prior to requesting a 3rd & Final attempt. You may be able to do this through TAFE or with a tutor. To request your 3rd & Final attempt, you must email us stating you have undertaken remedial training and are requesting a 3rd & Final LLN test. The 3rd & Final test must be completed at the campus with a staff member present, or via an alternative approved invigilation method. We will resend you a new LLN Test Invitation.

Fail 3rd & Final attempt: At this point, in accordance with RTO regulatory requirements, we will consider you academically unsuitable to undertake the course and your application will be rejected. You may reapply at a later intake if your academic standing has increased and you are able to provide evidence of this.

Will this test cost anything?

No. We will cover any costs associated with the LLN test.

Can I start the course prior to successfully completing the LLN test or providing evidence of academic suitability?

No. It is a regulatory requirement for Registered Training Organisations to ensure academic suitability of an applicant.


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