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Australian College of Aviation (ACA) is a member of the industry-owned Tisdall Aviation Group, an unrivalled Australian collective dedicated to aviation training, charter, brokerage, FBO and maintenance and repair services. ACA training is delivered by veteran aircraft engineers with more than a century of combined experience backed by the group’s live aircraft maintenance operations, Pulse Aero and Flight Maintenance Australia.

The ACA – FEU aircraft engineer training programme optionally covers both avionics and mechanical specialisations and is designed to expand and internationalise career opportunities. Aircraft engineers enable global commerce, keeping aircraft safe, efficient & reliable. A career in aeroskills can take you across the world, working on  everything from light training aircraft to large airliners, transporters, helicopters or private jets. The hand skills and theoretical knowledge our programme teaches is incredibly detailed and eminently transferable to a range of industries.

Certificate IV in Avionics or Mechanical?

In Australia, the Certificate IV in Aeroskills is the minimum qualification required to work in industry. Holders of a Certificate IV may gain credit toward a Diploma of Aeroskills that can provide you with the theory exams you’ll require later in your career when you’re seeking a CASA aircraft engineer licence. Students can select either or both of two streams, avionics (fixing electronic components) or mechanical (fixing mechanised aircraft components) – studying both can give graduates more flexibility within a workshop in terms of how they can be tasked, potentially adding value to their skillset.

What are the entry requirements?

The programme is only open to students undertaking aircraft engineer training at Far East University. Criteria includes:


Australian College of Aviation and Far East University have established a credit recognition arrangement.  This means that students who complete learning as part of the FEU Aircraft Engineer Degree and participate in our joint programme are also assessed by ACA for Australian Aircraft Engineer qualifications.

Participating students will receive online learner workbooks and practical journals provided by ACA. These will be submitted to ACA to form part of the required training and assessment. The remaining credit including practical handskill training will come directly from the FEU graduation documentation and academic results.

Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL)

Australian College of Aviation operates a comprehensive Aeroskills Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) service for individuals in industry who have either the existing experience, partial qualification, or superseded qualifications, and are looking to receive the latest industry qualifications and subsequent licensing. While we work to process your RPL, any units we believe will not be covered can be undertaken in ways to ensure convenience to both trainee and employer. Holders of a Certificate IV in Aeroskills may be eligible for Recognition for Prior Learning toward an Australian Diploma of Aeroskills.

Lodge Your Application

If you have read the course information and you are eligible to join this course, applying is easy and there is no application fee.
Our simple online application form is located here: acav.edu.au/feu/apply.

You will initially need to attach copies of the following documents to have your application processed:

If you can not provide evidence of your English level, you will be provided with a free English placement test.

We recommend that you prepare your documents beforehand as the form will request that you upload them. If you require any assistance during your application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can contact our student support team by emailing feu@acav.edu.au.

Assistance and Points of Contact

Our customer service team has years of experience across all spectrum of aviation training and is on standby to help you. To learn more about our training centre, courses, outcomes and academic paths, jump on our website or get in touch by email or phone.

Please contact feu@acav.edu.au for assistance any time.

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